Think before you ACT!

Hello readers!
In life sometimes a time comes when you act so impulsively, that you regret your decision afterwards.

Let me put it in a simple way.

A man is extremely hungry. This hunger has made him a hotheaded man. The very next moment let’s say he is given two things to eat, from which he can choose only one.

The first being a scrumptious looking pan pizza and the second  being the boring dal roti with some pickle.

What will he choose?

The man will obviously choose a pan pizza and guzzle it hastily.

But my dear friends the pizza may seem mouthwatering at the first glimpse but it fails to replenish our stomach, which only a dal roti can. Thus a pizza is not able to provide long term benefits.

Same goes for life.

When we make decisions too impetuously we are likely to take bad decisions. These decisions at the beginning  may shine like gold.
But never on earth forget
“All that glitters is not gold.”
And thus these decisions will lead to negative consequences like self animosity etc.

So what we need to do is simple.
Be a diligent economist.

Hey I am not telling to go and do honor’s in economics.

No I am telling to act like a economist, i.e. to analyze & interpret the situation and then act accordingly.

But a quirky problem arises here. Most people think that analyzing or interpretation of situation is rocket science.

Well frankly its not. Its simple.

Whenever you get stuck in a subtle situation, just ask yourself two question.

Will I be satisfied with my decision?

Will my decision provide me long term benefits?

If you get even a single yes in these questions, I bet your life is going to be happier than it previously was.

#think before you act!
As someone rightly said…


Best wishes
Saloni Lodha