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What lives beyond the screens?

The long-neglected infatuation swallowed by mist.

Fixated on every single creature that exists,

Learn to coexist.


Reminisce in those magical mines,

Getting high on pungent wines,

Blandishing headlines, Annihilated deadlines,

The long-neglected infatuation swallowed by mist,

Fixated on every single creature that exists,

Learn to coexist.


Those screens right in front of you,

Perforate your world view,

Sabotaging the inner you,



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10 Songs That Dominated My 2017 Playlist (English)

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog!

So, for this blog post I’m counting down the 10 awesome songs I got obsessed with in the year 2017.

635910908503606645-1296110461_top 10

So, let’s hit the play button and get started.

  #10 If I’m Lucky, Jason Derulo 


There is something about Jason’s music that gets’s its listeners fixated. The beats, the voice and the lyrics all seemed so impeccably perfect. Not to forget the crazy dance moves in the video, that always got me to groove.

Click to listen:   

#9 Mi Gente, J Balvin, Willy William


More than Despacito’s amazing vocals it was Mi Gente’s hypnotic beats that made me listen to this peppy dance number again and again and again.

Click to listen:   

#8 Options, Pitbull feat. Stephen Marley 


Stephen’s Marley’s sexy voice, Pitbull’s stellar rap is the formula for good music. The chorus part of this song was so addictive that once it got stuck in my mind, it never got out, not until today.

Click to listen: 

#7 Rockabye, Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul, Anne-Marie


Though it was released in the year 2016, I heard this song in 2017. I heard this song not once, not twice but at least 10 times a day, so much absorbed was I with the song. My most favorite part of the song is Sean Paul’s rap both lyrically and by vocals.

Click here to listen:

#6 Too Good at Goodbyes, Sam Smith


The first song I heard of Sam Smith was I’m not the only one. Ever since then I’ve looked forward to his music. His singing is next level every time, and this song is no exception.

Click here to listen:

#5 Ciao Adios, Anne-Marie


Anne-Marie keeps shouting in the song, Ciao Adios I’m done. But I was never done with this song and never will be. Catchy beats, relatable lyrics, Anne’s powerful voice made this ordinary seeming song a great one.

Click here to listen:

 #4 DNA, BTS


I heard BTS for the first time after I joined college and in just a few days I declared myself the member of Army (BTS Fans call themselves army). Talking about the song, J hope, and Jimin’s dance comes first then the amazing video concept, third rap monster’s rap and the last the sexy voices of all the group members that contribute in making all BTS songs simply awesome.

Click here to listen:  

#3 Swalla, Jason Derulo feat. Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla $ign


This is not just a dance number, it’s a hot dance number. Though I didn’t like the video much, it never meant that my love for this crazy dance number went down by any percentage. I still remember learning dance an hour every day for a week, by watching Matt Steffanina’s amazing choreography on this song. This activity of mine added so much energy to my otherwise mundane life and that’s why it deserved to be in the top 3.

Click here to listen:

#2 Thunder, Imagine Dragons


I came to college with lightning and thunder. Imagine Dragons was my favorite, is my favorite and will be my favorite. The best thing about Imagine Dragons is that every song of theirs has a purpose and meaning in everyone’s life. Their songs are not just songs but meaningful songs. Also, according to me, Thunder was the most original song of 2017.

Click here to listen:

#1 New Rules, Dua Lipa



My love is New Rules and Dua Lipa’s song made me feel like nobody else.

Until 2016 I never heard of any artist by the name Dua Lipa. But New Rules got me obsessed with her, thanks to her remarkably extraordinary voice and her confident personality. Other than the voice, the video concept in itself is so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. In simple words it was dope. Every time I heard this song, I just wanted to sing and dance along. That’s the sole reason I considered it to be the most insane song to get infatuated with in the year 2017.

Click here to listen:

Thanks for reading!

I hope you liked it.

See you super soon again.


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Messages for 2018

Anngyong Haseyo!

Welcome back to my blog.

2018 has officially begun and I would like to kickstart this post by greeting all my readers “Happy New Year. May this year be the best year of your life.”

It is an inborn characteristic trait of New Year to bring fiery freshness in our lives. We start buying new desires, logic, commodities, and what not. We start purchasing everything new from clothes to hope with this anticipation that it will bring us luck and fortune as return gifts.

Sometimes it does, most of the time it doesn’t.

So instead of keeping curt expectations about something, why not set 2018 targets for ourselves? When I say 2018 targets, I mean goals for life with a purpose and a strong sense of motivation to fulfill that purpose. By no means I want you to confuse 2018 targets with resolutions. Over the passage of time, it’s my observation that resolutions have gone cliché. They no more excite anyone and are often elongated, exaggerated, and quite commonly leads to exasperation in cases of unfulfillment. Subsequently, a saturation point comes wherein a person no longer makes resolutions, henceforth barricading his/her own path to success.

In a nutshell, Message #1 Set your 2018 Targets asap.

So, I think I’ve talked a lot about the importance of setting targets over new year resolutions. Now I would like to jump back to 2017 and take a quick glance at its happenings to see whether we can extract few messages or not.

2017 was a very different year in contrast to all the previous years. Not only did I join the college in this year but in addition to that, I also attached myself with new perspectives and thought processes which questioned every stereotype I was brought up with.

More than anything else, the predominant question I asked myself every day was, “Should I join Instagram/Snapchat?”

To a few of my readers it may seem such an extraneous question to think upon so much, but for me, this irrelevant question played a major role in deciding the future of this blog. And thankfully my decision of not joining social media platforms made sure that this blog had a future.

Also, one of the reasons I thought so much on that subject matter was because every single day I used to feel left out when it came happenings around me. With time the left out feeling vanished and I luckily realized that there are so many good addictions out there over Instagram and Snapchat.

No offense here. But insta/snapchat are way too addictive. There are so many pros of using insta/snapchat, but the obsessive addiction con overpowers them all. I remember watching this YouTube video where the host of the channel was talking about unfollowing many people on Instagram.


Because she admitted the fact that seeing all their pictures and stories made her feel down, uncomfortable and ungracious of her own self, even after achieving so much like 500K subscribers on YouTube. Which according to me is a pretty insane an achievement. People often forget to appreciate themselves and their own effort. And over time I’ve realized that the most confident people on the planet are the ones who embrace and appreciate themselves. Even Game of Thrones season 1 major tagline is “Brace Yourselves.”

Furthermore, I think there are certain elements in our lives which make us feel dejected, at the same time they are our platforms of multiplying happiness and means of our lives. Social Media is one such example.

It’s like a mathematical equation:

Social Media + Happy you = Augmenting your own Happiness = Productive in nature

Social Media + Unhappy you = Downgrading your own self = Unproductive in nature

In a nutshell, Message#2 Start appreciating yourself & Use Social Media wisely.

Talking about appreciating oneself, there is one more thing that goes hand in hand with it. It’s called Being you. A few days back I watched this awesome movie called Mean Girls where the protagonist of the movie Catie felt so lost on the first day of high school. Soon she found the company of three mean girls which made her lose her own identity and turned her into a plastic girl. She started living in a bubble where she thought everybody like her because she was so popular, but in reality, she wasn’t. She was good at math but started failing in the only subject she liked just to seek the attention of someone. The goal of narrating the entire plot is just to convey a simple message, “Don’t be a pretentious you, be the real you.” You don’t have to change yourself for people to like you or talk to you. And in cases they don’t, then get over that stupid thing because they were never meant for you. Like Dr. Seuss rightly puts it, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

In a nutshell, Message#3 Be your own self, embrace it.

I’ve written down so many philosophical messages, now I would like to jump on a financial message. I like and respect women and people in general who are financially literate and are able to manage their finances well.

There is this awesome saying by Bill Gates, and I don’t think I need to remind my readers why his saying matters because he is one of the richest man in the world. He says, “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake but if you die poor it’s your mistake.” Learning to manage one’s finances as well as investing them in a right order is very important.

The reason I think this message is important because I see so many people including myself sometimes spending their parent’s money heedlessly. The best analogy to explain this would be your attendance. You go to college every day and your attendance surges up as little as let’s take 0.2%. Take a single holiday and your attendance declines by 2%.

What I mean to say is that it takes gigantic amount of time and effort to generate money (even if you are rich), and a single useless purchase to shred out that hard earned money. So instead of spending the money uselessly why not invest them in stock markets and cryptocurrencies?

All it takes is a little time out of the plenty we have and a drop of commitment towards it. I encourage everyone to start loving financial literacy because, at the end of the day, it is money that matters. Nobody knows names of beggars, everybody knows the rich.

In a nutshell, Messgae#4 Become financially literate.

My last of all message is to keep trying new things. The world has abundant amount of opportunities, all you have to do is abduct some, use it to your full potential and it may work wonders. When people talk about grabbing opportunities most people assume it to be grand or something.

But let me tell you this there is an opportunity to do something with your life from the very moment you open your eyes in the morning from the sleep. Apart from that, all the small offers that are made to you are nothing but opportunities. Like being a part of a sports team, debate team, festing team or any other team for that matter. An opportunity may also be fun like an invitation to a party, opportunity to work somewhere etc.

The best example of understanding this message could be to relate it to a movie. In this case let’s take Dear Zindagi, what an awesome movie it was! In the movie, Sharukh Khan always says to Alia Bhatt to keep trying new chairs, although the context was different the meaning is the same. You can’t be stuck with your mundane stuff, you have to try new ones too.

A word of caution here, when you are trying incredible things just be careful that these experiments of yours don’t hurt the feelings of the people around you especially your friends and family. They are the pillars and the foundation of anything you do in your life, keep it intact forever.

In a nutshell, Message#5 Try new things & love your FFF (Family, Friends Forever).


HAPPY 2018!

Thanks for reading.

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First time flying with Air India be like..

Hi everyone.

It’s vacation time and air traffic is at its peak. It is expected from all the airlines to provide the best of all services at low prices. Does Air India fulfill the above-mentioned criteria to emerge victorious in this intense competition?

Read and find out yourself.

I traveled from Air India on 22 December 2017 from Bengaluru-Mumbai-Jodhpur in economy class obviously ( I’m not that rich lol.) Anyways, first of all, I got a student concession at the time of booking the flight. In addition to that, I could carry luggage up to 25Kg which is one of the best things while traveling by Air India.

The takeoff was delayed due to congestion at the airport and instead of departing at 6:45 am, the flight took off at 7:10am around but compensated the delay during the flight and the flight landed in Mumbai at 8:30am, 5 minutes late.

Specifications about the Bengaluru-Mumbai flight

1. The leg space is pretty decent and I think is bigger than most of the airlines I’ve traveled with.

2. They served breakfast which included Idli Sambhar ( Not Tasty at all), coffee (decent), bun and butter, fruits ( one piece of watermelon, papaya, and one grape), and there was upma as well ( I’m not sure though).

3. The last thing, they had newspaper kept inside the flight, so the time passed really fast.

It’s on my bucket list to go Mumbai. Though I didn’t see the city, I got the chance to see the airport and it’s amaaaaaazing. It’s such a classy airport with aesthetic art pieces displayed all around. The airport is so huge that it took me a little while to figure out my way to the departure gate, the reasons being the excessive congestion at the security check and the lack of female staff for security check-in, that’s why even the air hostesses had to undergo the security check-in along with the passengers.

Mumbai- Bengaluru flight specifications:

1. The flight got delayed again thanks to the excessive congestion at the airport. Instead of taking off at 9:45am It the takeoff took place around 10:10am.

2. I had a seat next to the exit door this time and I realized that the good thing about it is the insane amount of leg space.

The insane amount of leg space near the exit door.

The limitation of seating here is that I can’t keep my handbag under the seat. I always felt it was more convenient than keeping in the overhead cabin. In addition to that, an air hostesses always sat in front of me during the take-off and landing because of which I couldn’t shoot a video for this blog.😀😀

3. Snacks served included coffee (decent enough), sandwich ( plane but eatable), bun, namkeen, sabji and desert. I wish I could take a picture of the food, but I was so damn hungry that I concentrated more on eating then clicking a picture.

On whole, I liked the service of Air India and the fact that they free food is really good in comparison to Indigo or even Air Asia for that matter. Few pointers before ending the blog post:

1. I don’t understand as to why the female air hostesses wear saree? I understand that’s it reflects our culture and traditions but still, the question lingers, in case of emergency won’t the dress hamper the service to be provided by the crew member?

2. The packaging of the food is good and the contents taste okay but they can make it a bit of scrumptious and add a bit more taste to the food.

3. During the take-off and landing, the aircraft makes a hell lot of noise and it’s at par with Indigo. I’ve been on other flights as well, even they do make noise but not to the extent to which Air India does.

4. The crew members are genuinely helpful. I had no problem in changing my flight, the commercial staff gave proper guidance on how to go about it.

That’s it friends.

Hope you like it.

How was your first experience of Air India or any other flight? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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Happy Vacations.

Happy flying.

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The Redlisted Movie of the Moment: Kingsman The Golden Circle

Hi fellas!

Welcome back to my blog.


Manners Maketh Man.


I don’t know what is about this movie that keeps me transfixed to simply say Woah ho! What a movie man! Oops a Kingsman rather. Lol!

I’m really upset about the fact that I’m watching this movie so late that too on my laptop and not inside a cinema hall instead. Let me tell this to all my readers, this movie is made to be watched on a huge screen with an awesome sound system.

I won’t talk about the plot of the movie, or give you any spoilers. But I will bluntly state out the reasons as to why I would recommend this movie to everyone.

  1. Okay, first I agree with the fact that the plot of both the Kingsman movie makes no sense at all, at least in the real life though. But what is more important in this movie is the fast gripping narrative, the style of storytelling and commendable acting by the everyone in the film.
  2. Being an action lover myself, the combo pack of some insane action sequences along with some sassy music deserves a thunderous applause. Oh! I wish I could play the Kingsman theme music.

The link is right here:

  1. The last and the most important thing, the message of companionship, brotherhood, loyalty, friendship, commitment and instinct of doing the right thing is communicated in an absolutely impeccable and stellar way. There is no next best alternative or opportunity cost I rather say.

So, a big thumbs up to the movie on whole. Do spare your time and both the Kingsman movie, you’ll surely thank me later on.

Thanks for reading.

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The Fault in the ratings of IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog.

Often, I ask myself a question, “Why do we need movie reviews?”

I researched and found out that the answer to this peculiar seeming question is pretty straightforward. We live in a world where there is an endless choice available for a product or a service. Thus, to facilitate us in making our day to day choices we need reviews about everything.

In our context, we know that there are thousands of movies released each year and we can’t end up seeing all of them. We have to make a choice because of the limited resources and time constraint. Movie Reviews play a vital role in this scenario.

Talking about movie reviews I too have the habit of looking at the movie ratings and reviews before deciding whether to watch a movie or not. And the only names that come up to my mind for the same is IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. I’m sure same is your case too.


But there is a serious issue with both of their grading system and luckily, I have a solution.

The problem is the adoption of Cardinal Utility approach in both of these websites. According to this approach, the utility derived from a commodity/service is measurable and can be expressed in quantitative terms. For e.g. In both of the websites in some or the other way they ask their users to quantify their satisfaction derived from a movie by rating on a scale of 1-10, in case of IMDb and 1-100% in case of rotten tomatoes.

Modern Economist has always discarded the concept of cardinal utility approach because according to them utility being the psychological phenomena cannot be measured theoretically, quantitatively and even cardinally.

So, what’s the solution then?

I devised a method called the Movie Busters Method (MBM) in which users instead of being asked to rate a movie based on a certain scale, will now be asked to categorize their preferences. The categories are:

  1. REDLIST: This category would basically include all the movies which a user likes and would recommend to everybody.
  2. WHITELIST: This category would basically include all the movies which a user a believes to be neutral, neither extremely good nor extremely bad. Something like a one-time watch movie.
  3. BLACKLIST: This category would basically include all the movies which a user considers a waste of time or not worth watching at all.
  4. STARLIST: This category would include the best of all movies, over and above Redlist.

After people start adopting the MBM method, a large database can be created and now the answer to the question, “Should I watch the movie or not?” can be easily determined, without being a victim of a biased review.

Thanks for reading.

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My Thrive Experience 2017

Thrive the business fest of The Department of Management Studies, Christ University started on 16th November 2017 and ended on 30 December 2017, but for me sadly, it ended on 29th November 2017.

Anyways, I won’t go into intricacies of the event much just bits and pieces here and there. What I am going to share with you all today is my experience of Thrive 2017.


My PR fam!!


I took part in the event called Public Relations and reached till Top 7. My personal take on the event is that Public relations event is very deceptive in nature. The prompt evidence being its name itself. Most people believe PR to be just defence oriented, but trust me guys it’s just one of the many dimensions of PR. Essentially PR deals with dominating people’s perception and terminating their power of being judgmental towards a product/service/ or a human.

I joined PR on the advice of two people, my mom and my senior and it turned out so positively. When I joined PR, I had a pile of thoughts, When I left PR, I had created a structure out of them. And the most important lesson I learned from my 14 days of festing was that, that there is nothing right or wrong, it’s just people’s perception towards it, which can be easily revamped.

Our event heads used to give us the most challenging yet engaging tasks from a variety of genres like Music, Politics, Conspiracy theories, business proposals, business strategies etc. Though the tasks were never supposed to be overnight, yet it stretched on and I enjoyed my sleepless nights, researching and brainstorming about the same.

In addition to the daily rounds, I also experienced two more rounds frequently addressed as Stress Rounds and On Spot Rounds. The names may sound self-explanatory but as always are misleading. Stress round isn’t much about stress but rather standing in front of your event head like a chaotic mute, where you know everything, just that it doesn’t make sense to everyone. On the other hand, we had the On-Spot rounds specially designed to check the stability of thoughts, spontaneity and nonsensical ideas.

Festing requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears (BTS Army obviously). Besides that, tactics and pitching your thoughts forward makes a hell lot of impact. Tactics of managing your time by bunking the right classes, pitching properly primarily to keep the integrity of the ideas all together is a paramount necessity.

I blew away my time so much on Thrive that I didn’t even realize that 30th November i.e. today is officially the end of Thrive 2017- The Launchpad.

Future for me at this present moment is lots and lots of rest. Furthermore, tomorrow I will go on an expedition once again for rummaging myself inside the blank space of the world.

Thanks for reading.

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