“Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. Precisely, these are the best lines that can describe me.
Hi! My name is SALONI LODHA. It means beautiful and charming in Indian language. And I was born on 28th September 1999. The day is very special, after all my first cousin was also born on the same day. But alas! He was born in 1993 and hence is 5 years older to me. I read a fact on a website, “People who are born in September are likely to be more intelligent.” Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Talking about my family background, well I actually belong to a doctor’s family.  My father is a MD Medicine and Physician. My mother is a Gynecologist. And my elder sister is currently pursuing the same field and she also aspires to become a doctor. Biology is in our family blood. But sadly the additional supplements like Physics and chemistry could never intrigue me to take Science-Bio. Subsequently relinquishing the idea of science, my plane landed in the field of commerce. [Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Math and English]

Here is the list of my hobbies/ pastime work:-

  1. I love gardening. Though I don’t possess a garden, still I feel contended with the little pots we have in our home. It’s like a day without them, is a day without your friends. I talk to them, I water them daily, I share stuff with them and moreover I care for them.
  2. “Music has charms to soothe the savage beast.” Music is something that keeps me going. It perks up my life, like no one can. I love to sing aloud to the extent, that I often ignore the pupil’s reaction towards me and my song.  A day without good music makes me so sick. I listen to music every hour, but veraciously speaking I don’t have any favorite singer in particular. Because every time a new song turns up with some peppy music and good vocals, I start liking the artist. But I do look forward to certain artists to post their new singles or albums which include:- Adele, Bruno Mars, One Direction, Shawn Mendes, Coldplay , Imagine Dragons, Charlie Puth,  John Legend, Rihanna , Drake , Chris brown, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Iggy Azalea.
  3. My most important hobby is communication. In simple words, interaction with anybody. On daily basis I talk to a plethora of people including friends, family members, nature and myself. Time spent talking to people is probably the best time in the day and the most productive one also. I owe a big gratitude to communication; it is because of this skill of my mine that I have grown so confident.
  4. “A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.” Reading books is paramount to me. I always believed that reading fosters imagination, which leads to creativity and thus paving way for innovation to dwell in our mind. Reading has made me a sensitive person, sensitive to the happenings around the world and also sensitive towards the need of people. I read all sorts of books- fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, biographies etc. But the only category I exempt from reading is love stories. [ It’s because I love o watch their movies] The best book I have read so far is “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was because of my reading hobby that I started presenting my views in written form. Subsequently, opened a blog on WordPress. It is . I always write about the things I care about. Though my blog post contain grammatical errors but it’s still important as I write them from my heart. It’s not just the blog that I write; I also maintain around 15 diaries and occasionally do write anecdotes.
  5. The last of my hobbies is travelling. I wander every day, every minute and every second of my life. My wanderlust can be fictional as well as real. But important is that I love travelling and cannot live without it. I have always believed that we have limited time on this earth and unlimited places to visit. So don’t waste even a second, pack your backpack take a cell phone, a pair of shades and diary and be ready to travel.
  6. Dance is something which always reflects ones emotion. In blissful times you dance boisterously, in tormented times you dance contemporary and so on. The case is the same with me as well. I am not a perfectionist in it. But dance is and will always be my expressive tool. An interesting thing is because of my passion for dance, I learnt Indian classical dance.

In my life I have always been a enthusiastic student in sports but due to circumstances always failed to continue my efforts in it. I had learnt badminton for over a year, tennis for approximately two-n-half years and swimming in my early childhood. But in recent times my studies have multiplied four folds and sports divided four folds.

The aim of my life has always been and will be to become knowledgeable. Every time I get out from home I always carry a bag. It symbolizes that I want to be a lifelong student who is willing to grasp anything at any moment of time.

Life is never simple. Its complexity increases with our growth. And in my life also I have faced lot of tough times which condensed my reasoning and rational thinking capacity. My mother suggested me, that the best way to cope up was meditation. It’s a really good activity as it not only increases your concentration power but also oozes out anxiety and stress from our body.

I always have been a good student not only in academics but in values and ethics too. My report card says that not me. I got 9.4 cgpa (cumulative grade point) out of 10 cgpa. I am confident enough that I will be able to notch high scores in 12th boards too.

In India social service is not what people outside India have perception of, that going to an NGO or giving money as charity is social service. Although that is a part of it but,  we consider it in a broader sense. In India making people happy and helping them to realize that world is a beautiful place to live in is social service. Giving them hope which is long lost is social service. Taking steps towards sustainable development is social service.

As on my part besides the former said things I have done some notable work to make people experience the feeling of euphoria. These are conducting Art workshop for the less privileged children, proactively collecting funds for organizations like Helpage India, Child Line etc. Visiting orphanages, old age homes and spending time with those people all have made me a better person today. And the list is endless because we Indians do social service every moment. It’s because small deeds make a huge difference in the world.

Lastly I conclude by writing about what I want to be and my dream project “Progress”.

I want to be a good citizen of my country. Of course I want to progress in life not only in monetary terms but also in values and ethics. In the near future I want to become a business journalist or do MBA and work in a big corporate office. I even dream of winning a Man Booker Prize.

Following is the description of my dream project which I want to undertake in future.


I want to buy a big land and make around ten thousand apartments on that piece of land along with two buildings and a large ground. These two building will be exclusively reserved for imparting skill required to earn the basic means of living.  The estimated people living in the 10k houses will be around forty thousand.(4 in one room.).

The people living in these apartments will be divided into four categories A, B, C & UPGRADED.

  • In the first category all children below 18 yrs of age will be sent to school for free.
  • In the second category female above 18 years will be taught work so that they can earn a living for themselves.
  • In the third category males above 18 years will be taught work so they can also earn a living for themselves.
  • In the fourth category all people with skills but without job will come and I will help them to find the suitable job.

In this way I believe 40 thousand people can come out from poverty in five years.

Thank you.

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