Experience With Knowledge


Hello Readers!

A child prodigy let’s say X used to take pride in his, in depth knowledge about the swords.

He read enormous book, articles, journal etc in order to achieve this tumescent position of knowledge.

One fine morning a skilled warrior, Mr Y comes to meet X.
After getting to know about X’s pride, Mr. Y is taken aback.
Subsequently in order to cross-check the boy’s knowledge Mr Y asks a very simple question,
“X can you show me how to hold a sword?”
“Of course. Mr. Y” say X with tinge of arrogance amalgamated with lots and lots of pride.

But the moment X takes the sword in his hand, a daunting kind of expression covers his face.

His body becomes pale and his hands starts shivering.

Mr. Y in a ballistic tone taunts X
” I don’t have an entire day to waste.”

X tries to hold the sword, but is unsuccessful.

Finally loosing patience, Mr Y comes and takes the sword back.

Twisting his hands he shows X how to hold a sword.

Meanwhile the apple of pride finally falls from its tree.

X realizes the fallacy in which he was living all the time.

Hence proved,
With knowledge experienced is essential to prevent from being justified as an “IDIOT”.

Here’s a simple analogy to prove my statement:

In a marathon between knowledge and experience, experience always wins.
You may possess the knowledge to run a marathon, but unless you have experience you can’t run at all.
I don’t say knowledge is  a bad sapling, but it can only become a tree with experience.

We all possess knowledge about something or the other thing and hence relentlessly drive our car in a single direction.
But it is experience  that completely changes the direction of our life’s car.

So stop believing in theoretical life, start applying practicals into it.

As some one rightly said,

“A man becomes wise not from his knowledge, but from his very own experience applied with knowledge.”