Baahubali 2: The Conclusion



Hello people.

Welcome back to my blog!

I’m a movie freak but I generally keep my thoughts to myself when it comes to movie reviews. But Bahaubali was an epic. I was compelled to express my views on my blog, because they just wouldn’t stop.

Before I commence, a big thank you to the entire team behind Baahubali for uplifting the standards of Indian Cinema. As a citizen of the country I am extremely proud of you all and your spell bounding work.



  1. The movie review is a biased one. In case you didn’t like the movie don’t read any further.
  2. I recommend you all to first see the movie and then attempt reading it for better understanding.
  3. These are my personal thoughts on the movie; no judgement is required in case our thoughts don’t match.
  4. Your valuable suggestions are welcomed in the comment section below.
  5. In case you liked the review, please share.


Let’s get started.


Music is the first thing that appeals me. I’m a teenager so I don’t think there is a reason to explain as to why I’m going to talk about it first.

Music was amalgamated in absolutely right proportion. Especially whenever Armendra Bahaubali made an appearance and there was this background score “saahore baahubali”. It supplemented to the supremacy and grandeur of the king in the right direction because not only was the audience amused, but in reaction they clapped and hooted which added to the notion that a man of power was making its way.

Another element from the background score that took me aback was the perfection in which it was used as a tool to convey emotions. You remember the scene where Devasena was singing the song “kannaa nidurinchara” and suddenly added her emotions in the near end of the song to express her regret for hurting Baahubali. I never expected that to happen and yes once again I was amused.

And lastly the most dreadful scene of all, the scene where kattappa killed baahubali and subsequently the addition of the background score the very next moment to communicate the king’s emotions of love and respect for his own mother in spite of the odd circumstances were impeccably done.


So a big thumbs up to the music and background score of Baahubali.



I’m a girl but action movies are my first love. Starting from Khiladi Kumar to Jackie Chan to Donnie Yen, I love this genre and its people. Coming back to Baahubali, definitely it was an action packed movie. Especially the ultimate sequence where our vehement villain Bhallala Dev fights with the devastatingly demeanor hero of the movie Mahendra Baahubali, is a sure retreat to all its viewers.

And why should I not mention the weapons and the unimaginable ideas of conquest that made it seem like the best final showdown of all time.

Starting from the very fancy chariot of the arch enemy equipped with all the razor-sharp blades and the arrows was definitely something out of the box.

Another thing which was unique to the movie was the tactics of fighting. From the very inception where Baahubali saves Devasena’s kingdom by smashing the dam in seconds to the end where he uses the big coconut trees to conquer the fortress was breathtaking.

Lastly I liked the idea of Devasena being shown as a fierce warrior first and then the love interest of the king. Also her arrogance in rejecting Shivkamini’s proposal to marry her son in exchange of those huge sums of jewels was flattering.

So a big thumbs up to the action team of Baahubali.



So why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?

Was the question and the reason most people went to see the movie for. And believe me or not but had the reason been absurd or not justified this blog post would never have existed.

The entire movie which revolved around the cruel and copious conspiracies plotted by the villains, to seize the kingdom and quench their own vengeance provided a plausible base to the question.

In addition to that, the supercilious character of Shivkamini Devi who was entangled between love, treachery and her duties as the queen was a perfect fit in the story.

And how can I forget our very own dutiful and loyal mamaji a.k.a Kattappa. The man behind the doom of Baahubali, yet audience’s favourite. His act of crime was interwoven in extremely delicate manner, where guilt and duty was both justified. His sinful act of killing Baahubali though made me emotional but did not let me question his actions.

So on whole, big thumbs up to the writer of the script as well.



When I was young, I used to love reading Amar Chitra Kattas (ACK). Seeing Baahubali in cinema hall was like living the childhood dream of fantasy turn into reality.

What to say about the special effects, when you already know that the movie was akin to perfection in all its aspects.

Nevertheless the love scene between Baahubali and Devasena which went from ocean to the sky to the heavenly abode made me experience the royalty which was unique in its own way.

Also the setting of every scene starting from, the magnificent palaces to the war scenes were flawlessly sketched out. Especially I liked the layout of the oath taking ceremony where the army of the kingdom and its people were to be subjected to their new Maharaja. (Although that did not happen but still)


On whole the special effects and the backdrop enhanced the sophistication of the already sophisticated movie.



When I first searched about S. S. Rajamouli on Wikipedia it educated me that his films were noted for technical finesse and craft. And Baahubali series is a perfect example for showcasing his passion towards these two areas. I don’t understand all the aspects of directing a movie but my restricted yet sufficient knowledge tells me that a director is the godfather of any movie. At least in this case Mr. Rajamouli was. He made us an offer which nobody could refuse. Hence, the sky rocketing sales of Baahubali: The Conclusion.

Anyways coming to my thoughts on the acting segment:

Acting was the key ingredient of this movie.  It was like the sugar in a cup of tea. Those who had diabetes could not handle it, and those who did not, enjoyed the sweet tea (lame joke..haha).

Every character in the movie had a reason and a motive which was crystal clear because of the beautiful portrayal of the characters by the actors of the movie.

I guess my thumbs up is finished by now (lame joke..haha). Anyways, kudos to the cast & crew as well as the director of the epic movie Baahubali.


That’s it friends.

I hoped you liked it.

Thanks for reading.


With love

Saloni Lodha

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