An Open Letter To Class XII


My dear future class XII,
You haven’t arrived in my life yet your shadow daunts me. I don’t know what will happen on your arrival.

Oh! Sorry I forgot to mention you are going to arrive on march 14th, that’s when our school commences from.

Here is the presumptive background about you which I usually get from everybody starting from my parents, teachers,friends etc.

Class XII is the mainstay in building the future of an Indian student.

Its especially in the case when you belong to commerce or arts stream. You need to go an extra mile to combat and crack the nut. The reason is simple you usually don’t fight for exams like IIT or  AIPMT. Subsequently the only way left to achieve colleges like Delhi University, St. Stephens, St. Xavier is to stop trotting in class XII and start running to score 97%, 98%, 99% and even 100%.

If you study in CBSE board, its usually the pre-classX when your parents start badgering you with “n” number of questions and start advising you about your life. They basically ask and advice the following stuff:-
1. Which stream you wish to choose?
2. If you take commerce then do CA
3. If science maths then do IIT
4. If science biology then AIPMT
5. If arts (which is usually not the option) do IAS or law.

And after all the great effort you put in to decide your stream, the questions still are burning bright in the minds of our parents.
With a little modification the questions now become:-
1. What course do you prefer to take?
2. What college you want yo go?
3. What percentage is required in your desired college?
The list is still endless.

Oh man!
Have a break, have a kitkat.

We all know that our parents are concerned about us. We all know they worry for us and our life because they care for us. Every parent believes that “their” child should score good marks, go to good colleges, earn good salary and support their family.
And thus we all get clinched to thinking about our future but never give a damm thought to our present. And that’s why we falter in life.

The other day my mom was talking to her friend in America who told that her daughter had given the SAT exam recently. But even getting a good score in SAT is not of much help to get admission in good university unless supported by additional activities like working in an NGO, doing something innovative everday just like Phineas and Ferb.

A simple conclusion can be drawn here:

Marks take you where you want to be,
Passion takes you where you deserve to be.

So dear class XII stop being so oracular for all the students. I know its in your nature to tame us all and force us to get on our nerves. But we can’t help.
After all we are the 21st century Indian students who don’t get swayed away with the notion,”Do or die.”
Of course every student does promise himself/herself to do the best he/she can in your class. But even if we are not able to meet our expectations we don’t give up.

Because as I already stated, its not about marks it about having a passion to do something in life. And if equipped with even a tinge of it, I bet there is nothing in this world that can occlude you from taking your flight to success.

So please stop worrying about class XII. Just do your best and leave the rest.
P.s. don’t forget to be awesome each and everyday of your life.

With love
Saloni Lodha