A friend lost, A friend gained

a friend


One lonely night,

I was walking past a beach

Experiencing the loss my friend gave me and the ample amount of grief.

I did not care to look around.

Nor did I turn to make a round.

I just walked.

Walked over the warm sands,

Sands that gave me warmth,

My friend used to give

And suddenly I stopped and remembered that we just broke up.

Broke up our invincible friendship of love, care and peace.

And there I stood still to mourn alone.

Mourning for her death and grief for her loss.

I wished she would come back,

As I remembered the reminiscent memories we spent together.

I wished she would come back.

I wished she would come back.

She never came but her messenger did.

This time not a human but an animal instead.

I still remember that was the day she died,

And I spent the whole night on the beach with emptiness in my life.

And then,

Something happened.

Call it a miracle or whatever.

Because to overcome my loss and pain, came happiness

to overcome my loneliness, came a companion

and to overcome my friend’s presence came a dog.

I criticize my vague memory because I don’t remember how we became friends. But I am grateful we did. And today I am happy and i cherish it too.


So never in your life cry for someone’s loss. Because people come, people go. Important is that, we realize how grateful we were, that we got a chance to share our part of life with the people whom we loved the most.


There is so much in the world we have seen. and so much that awaits for us. So never be distraught on your loss, because we may never know what life has in stock for us!

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