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The Secret Ingredient.


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Do you know we all have a portion of our lives botched up? Yes, and we all have gone through the psychological state of being tense in some or the other way. We all have seen the pathetic conditions of the world that used to unhinge our brains. And lastly we all have experienced that discombobulation feeling that often left us with a high note of embarrassment.

But despite having experienced a plethora ingredients of life we are still outlandish with that one enigmatic ingredient that can notch happiness for us. Its the most secret ingredient of our life that we are still oblivious of.

Now you might not be able to abstain yourself from asking a question that,” what is actually a secret ingredient of life?” And demand from me an explanation. But don’t worry I would rather love to elucidate each and every thing for you in an impeccable manner.

Well the secret ingredient is that special ingredient which when added into our life, not only enthuses it but also makes it more euphoric and blissful. It can not only spice up our life but also energize it because its an exuberant ingredient. Its even capable of bringing back our lost confidence which might augment the possibility of turning the impossible possible. Yes its a prolific ingredient that can kindle in us the zing to change the world.

Now you might be thinking what is it?


But before I tell you please close your eyes for a minute and ponder hard as to what it can be. I know its oracular, but then also think before I unveil the mystic ingredient.

And the ingredient is, “NOTHING.” Yes, yes you read it right my dear there is no special ingredient of life that can make it better. You might think I am playing a raillery with you but actually I am not. I know its queer answer, but then also it is true.

Yes there is no secret ingredient because for something to be special you just have to believe it is special. Its just a matter of believing in yourself and in your own potentials and say to the world proudly, that yes you are capable of doing everything and the rest will follow the same note.

So TRUST yourself, because the inception of change begins from within.
Thanks for reading!

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